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China suspends scientists who claim to have produced gene-edited babies
The moves comes after Chinese scientist He Jiankui announced Monday that two ostensibly healthy twin girls had been born this month from embryos altered to make them resistant to HIV. Chinese authorities called He's claim "extremely abominable in nature" and a violation of Chinese law, according to Xinhua. "The gene-edited twins matter reported by the media has brazenly violated Chinese laws and regulations and breached the science ethics bottom line,…
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Deutsche Bank headquarters raided in Panama Papers probe
Prosecutors said the raids targeted two Deutsche Bank employees, and others who have not yet been identified. The German bank is suspected of helping clients to set up offshore companies in tax havens, prosecutors said in a statement. Investigators are also looking at whether Deutsche Bank failed to report suspicious transactions. Both the lender and prosecutors said the probe is related to the Panama Papers, a 2016 investigation into money…
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House of Fates: Hungary’s controversial Holocaust museum
Budapest, Hungary — You can spot the museum from a mile off — its giant metal Star of David spectacularly suspended between two towers, just off a busy road in Budapest's rundown Eighth District. From the outside, the $18 million House of Fates Holocaust museum is a magnificent concrete and glass structure glinting in the autumn sunshine. Inside, it’s a different story. Though it was completed three years ago, the…