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Theresa May’s Brexit deal faces fresh vote in UK parliament
Who'd be the Prime Minister right now? Less that 24 hours after boldly claiming she had secured legally-binding reassurances on the Brexit deal she'd struck with the EU, Theresa May's own Attorney General told lawmakers the changes were less law law, more jaw jaw, to paraphrase another British PM beyond recognition.  As things stand, it's looking very unlikely that May can overturn her historic January Commons defeat tonight. And in…
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Planes grounded after Ethiopian Airlines crash: Live updates
The pilots of the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight told air traffic control they were having “flight control problems” before the crash, airline CEO Tewolde GebreMariam told CNN’s Richard Quest Tuesday. That suggests the plane was not responding to pilots’ inputs and they were losing control of the aircraft, Quest explains. GebreMariam said the flight data recorders “will be sent overseas,” rather than being read in Ethiopia, which does not have…