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Notre Dame chief architect told to ‘shut his mouth’ on reconstruction
Written by Jack Guy, CNNBarbara Wojazer, CNN Debate over how best to rebuild Notre Dame has rumbled on since the landmark cathedral suffered a devastating fire in April. Now things have got heated between Jean-Louis Georgelin, the French President's special representative for the reconstruction of the cathedral, and chief architect Philippe Villeneuve. "I have asked to him (Villeneuve) a few times... to shut his mouth so that we can move…
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Drug-resistant superbug kills someone every 15 minutes – CNN Video
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Germany moves to criminalize upskirting in major victory for campaigners
Global outrage has mounted against the act and campaigners have been instrumental in passing legislation against upskirting in multiple countries. "Taking photographs of a woman under her skirt or neckline is degrading and unjustifiable abuse of her personal space," German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said in a statement. "Often, these photos are shared in chat groups or even distributed commercially." The draft law, which says taking and distributing images "of…
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A tourist and a giraffe were killed in tragic car accident in a South African park
The vehicle that hit the giraffe held 13 visitors passing through the park on their way to a rest camp. After being struck, the giraffe fell on an oncoming tourist rental vehicle driven by a Swiss national. The collision killed the giraffe and left the driver seriously injured. He later died in the hospital as a result of his injuries. Giraffes are typically between 14 feet to 19 feet tall…
‘Ford v. Ferrari’ uses star power to click on all cylinders
With a great cast, fascinating story and old-school studio vibe, "Ford v. Ferrari" nearly clicks on all cylinders. Length-wise, the movie takes a few laps too many, with a (perhaps unavoidable) overabundance of racing scenes. Beyond that, it's a wonderfully polished product, proving that Hollywood can still make 'em like they used to. Powered by WPeMatico